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How to Process Order on Amazon

Friends, if you are an Amazon seller or you want to sell on online product amazon, then you are on the right website because in this article you are going to know that if a customer puts an order on you, then how can you process it And how to successfully deliver the product. Let's Started,

In this article you are going to read how to process order on amazon.

Amazon Easy Ship and Self Ship

Amazon easy ship courier service

Friends Easy Ship service Amazon has its own courier service. And I like Amazon's Easy Ship service because if you order to deliver the order from the easy Ship, then Amazon's worker picks up the goods in the office warehouse or at your house and you do not have any delivery problem as it is There are never luggage deliveries anytime in the ship.

What are the benefits of Easy Ship?

1. Its delivery charge is not very expensive and you can deliver the product with an Easy Shipping inexpensively in the cost of other courier services.
2. If any customer returns your product, then it does not take reverse shipping charge from you.
3. If your product gets damaged in the Easy Ship, then Amazon pays 100% of your product value.
4. The Reach of easy Ship is in All Over India but there are some places where easy Ship does not deliver to your products, then you have to deliver the product to the customer itself.

Self Ship on Amazon

Friends, sometimes it is that if ship is unable to deliver your product, then you have to deliver to the product customer yourself. But I'd like to give you some tips on what to do if you have a self-ship order.

1. You just use the Trusted Courier Service and the list of all Trusted Courier Service has been given below.

First Flight


Shiplite is a courier service platform in which you can use the best courier service in a lot of work rate. Because many courier service is trusted, but in some areas their courier service is not fast and keeping the care of this thing, shiplite offers you the best courier service show according to the shipping address.

Reach the product customer as soon as possible

You can reach the customer as soon as possible as soon as possible. Because if you spend more time in shipment, customer's mind change may also be there.Which will result in loss of your courier charges. Or you have contacted the customer and confirmed that he or he needs your product.

How to Process Order on Amazon

Step 1: You first logged into Amazon's Seller Dashboard.

Step 2: The orders you have to process will be considered as unshipped orders and you have to process unshipped orders. To process the order, you have to click on unshipped orders.

how to process order on amazon

Step 3: Now you have to schedule your pickup if you come to the Order Easy Ship, then you can click on the Schedule Easy Ship.

how to process order on amazon

Step 4: Now you have to add package weight and dimensions and select your pick from the sub time.

how to process order on amazon

Step 5: After all these steps have been completed, you will now have a shipping label and a tax invoice. You have to print these documents and you have to paste the shipping label on your package and put the bill in the package.

How to Process Order on Amazon

Now you have successfully processed orders on Amazon and now Amazon's Employee will collect your package at your stated time to subdue the order pickup from you.

Friends, I hope you like this article, if I express this post in a line, that line will how to process order on amazon. If you want to help someone else with this post, then you can share this article on social media websites so that the person can learn something by reading this article. This post which you read has written to me all this from my amazon selling experience.

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