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How to increase your amazon sale for 10X profit

Friends, if you are an Amazon seller or you are thinking of selling products on Amazon, then you are on the right article because you are thinking of selling products on Amazon, you must read this article because there is so much competition on Amazon today. There are more than 100 sellers on one of the products that decreases the chances of selling your products. In this post you will find the solution to this problem. You are going to read this article on how to increase your amazon sales and start selling on Amazon. So let's start,

how to increase your amazon sales

How to increase amazon sales with this factors

By the way, people use a variety of tricks to increase the sale of Amazon, like using Amazon Sponsored Products, but I'm just telling you some free tricks that will allow you to rank your products on Amazon and also increase sales and some free tricks have been told in detail below.

How can you increase the sale of amazon from seo

  • Optimize Product Listing Title

There is only one way to increase sales on Amazon that you have to rank the product on Amazon's first page, and your title should be well-optimized for product ranking, so that your product rank will start. 

But now you may be wondering how to optimize the listing title,
It's easy to optimize the title, just following the instructions given below, after that you will be able to optimize your product titles well.

1. Whatever your brand, whether it's your private label brand, you definitely add it to your title.
2. Your product is a variant, flavor, color you mention in your product title.
3. Find the 2 to 3 keywords related to your product that you are about to use in your title, because if anyone searches your keywords, then your chances will be more likely to rank on that keyword.

(Small tips:
 1. Start each and every word in your title with capital letters.
 2. You must have written your item measurements in the title.
 3. If you write any numeric word in the title, then it's written in numbers, not in the words.)

  • The Key To Success on Amazon is Keywords

Amazon is just youtube or Google is the key to success in these keywords because if you search anything in Google and the search results that come on the first page, all the webpages come to the first position due to the keywords. Similarly, keywords are also an important aspect of your product rank and And I'll tell you one thing and this is the keyword of the article how to increase amazon sale.

So I will now tell you how many of you can find keywords for your products.

How to find keywords from Amazon

To find keywords from Amazon, first you have to understand about rankbrain. So let's know about the rankbrain,

I mean that the word which you search the search engine next to whatever word suggest search engine that is called rankbrain. If you are still confused then you can understand by looking at the image below.

how to increase your amazon sales

Now you must have learned about rankbrain, so now let me tell you about the keywords.

1. You can only search only 1 to 2 words related to your products. Just like your product is the iPhone X screen protector, then you just type iPhone X.

amazon sale

2. Now all the words that you will be able to see related to your product as you would see in the above image. All those words are your keywords, because these words have been searched for your Word because most people search on Amazon something similar to your product.

You can also find keywords from some free tools

1. is a very popular tool. To find keywords you first need to click this link to go to this website and select your country. After that you search related keywords from your product. Now you will find so many keywords that you can use in the Amazon listing. to understand more, see below given image,

amazon sale is a paid tool but you can use it for free and I also use it for free.

Some other Amazon Keyword Research Tools are some of the tools I have provided below:
1. Sonar 

  • Importance in The Listing of Bullet Points

Bullets Points have a lot of importance in your product listings. Because if you have access to your products in less time, you should use the Bullet Points feature in a good way. 
1. you appreciate your product so much that anyone who has opened your product, be eager to buy it.
2. You always put your product features in your bullet points.
3. You get total 5 bullet points and you should use five bullet points.

Example of product bullet points
How to increase your amazon sale for 10X profit

  • Attractive Images

I ask you a question from a product that you want to buy but when you want to see that product, you are not able to observe properly how you see the product, then you would like to buy such a product.
99.99% of reader answer is no. Then you can apply this condition to your product as well.

So with this question you will have learned that you can upload the images of your product in high quality and upload many more images, it will be good for your ranking.

Click here to see guidelines of images:

  • Product Description and Legal Disclaimer

Both of them do not matter so much in your product ranking but you also need to take small things too seriously as if your competitor has taken these small things too seriously, then they will come up with you in the rankings.

Then you should use your keywords in the description of your product, which will improve your ranking as Amazon wants to show only the best results for their customers and if your listing is perfect then it will show you the top of the ranking. In Legal Disclaimer, if you want to write about some product you can write or leave it blank too.

how to increase your amazon sales

  • Apart from seo, some important ranking factor

Customer Review: You can not place any trick in it or you can use any seo in it. It all depends on your product. But you can take good customer reviews by trying a little bit, you can request them to give a good review by mailing the customer to the seller dashboard. I have taken many reviews from this mail method, you will definitely use this trick.

Product Rating: The product rating is the same. You can also mail it to customers and request that they give a good rating to your product. But the customer will give you a good rating or review only when the customer is satisfied with your product and service.

Friends, I hope you like this article, if I express this post in a line, that line will how to increase amazon sale. If you want to help someone else with this post, then you can share this article on social media websites so that the person can learn something by reading this article. This post which you read has written to me all this from my amazon selling experience.

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