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How to make free android app online and make good money

How to make free android app online and make good money: Friends, everybody has a smartphone in today's time whether it is a child or a thing in adults and most of the smartphones are the world's no.1 smartphone operating system Android and today's applications are as a smartphone today. You can do many types of work and you need the app to complete the work, so in today's article you will be able to tell you how to make free android app online and in this method you do not need programming or coding knowledge so you will read along with this post best android app maker.

Why should you make Android applications?

1. "Whoever has the public listens to the world" - Dr. Vivek Bindra. Android's user base is huge and it's a great reason to make apps on Android.

2. Today the world uses Android, so the number of Android developers is also very big. So if you do not have any knowledge of App Development. So you can know someone else who has the knowledge of making Android applications, but you can also ask for money to make an app for you." best android app maker"

How to find the App Developers?

Friends, if you are looking for online app developers, you can smell by visiting many freelancing websites.

Name of some freelancing websites:

3. If you want to earn money from your application, then you should make Android applications because the earnings you earn from Android app may not be able to earn from ios applications.

How to make free android app online

Step 1: go to this website - appsgeyser: 

Step 2: click CREATE NOW FOR FREE.

how to make free android app online

Step 3: choose your app category, like messenger, browser, book reader etc. I chose messenger.

how to make free android app online

Step 4: Now you have to go all the steps to make App, then you can watch this video because I think you will understand more by looking at the video.


source: noodleworzch

(Small tip: Friends, maybe you have now made an Android App, I have told you the best android app maker, how can you create an app without coding, but you are convinced that you can create your own app with coding because it allows you to You can do more customization in App which you can not do with any android app maker.)

What should you do after making an app

You have to publish your app on the Google Play Store but you will have to pay $ 25 to Google to publish the app on the Play Store." how to make free android app online"

How To Famous Your Android App?

1.You can make your app viral on social media.
2. You can purchase paid rating from people.

If you like this article please do not forget to share it because many more people would also like to know about android apps and maybe some of their help from this post. This post has a main part how to make free android app online and best android app maker if you have any questions relating to this article in your mind then you can ask in the comment section below. 

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