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6 ways to drive unlimited traffic to your blog or website

Friends, if you have started a blog or website and your blog is not getting a large amount of traffic, then you are on the right article as this article will tell you how you can bring unlimited traffic to your blog. Because the problem of traffic comes to every blogger in the beginning, so many people leave their work on the blog due to demotivation, because of which they can not earn money online or establish their business on the Internet. So today I am going to share some tricks and methods with you through this post so that you can get a good amount of traffic on your website.So let's start,

6 ways to drive unlimited traffic to your blog or website

Best 6 ways to drive traffic to your blog

1. Reddit

Reddit is the world's no.1 forum website and this is an open source forum, and you can have the advantage of this thing as today Reddit is a very big Web site, its World Alexa Ranking is 6 and its Monthly Traffic comes to 2.0 billion(approximately). After reading all these stats, you may have figured out why I put Reddit on the first position in this list. I also take traffic from Reddit to my website and this traffic is a genuine traffic. 

6 ways to drive unlimited traffic to your blog or website

How to get traffic from reddit

1. You have to create your account on Reddit.
2. If you want traffic from Reddit, then you can submit your webpage or article URL to Reddit.
3. (small tip for you:Whenever you submit your link, select the subreddit only from your post, because if you do not do this, Reddit will block you forever and you will never be able to use reddit.)

What is subreddit

As there are many types of channels on YouTube, Reddit has subreddit in which you can add your post and there are subscribers in YouTube as well as there are readers, like channels can be made in YouTube and you can also create subreddit in Reddit.

Top subscribed subreddits

1. /r/AskReddit - 9,512,989 subscribers2. /r/funny - 9,481,032 subscribers
3. /r/pics - 9,380,836 
4. /r/todayilearned - 9,374,129
5. /r/announcements - 9,307,986
6. /r/worldnews - 9,203,969
7. /r/videos - 8,641,693
8. /r/blog - 8,721,977
9. /r/IAmA - 9,104,300
10. /r/science - 9,190,266

2. Youtube channel 

There are many channels on YouTube that have their main purpose, reaching out to YouTube from their website, many such big blogs and websites such as TechradarGadget 360 etc. By doing this, increasing their user base.

drive unlimited traffic

So I also advertise you that you should also create a YouTube channel and upload related videos from your website, but you should always keep in mind that in your video you will definitely be able to discuss your website and articles in the video and also give a link to the article in the video description, so that user direct access to your post.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is a photo sharing social media website and started this website in 2010. Pinterest's World Alexa Ranking is 79 and its Monthly Traffic is more than 100 million. You can use any of the images in your article. You can share those images on pinterest, so that the link to your website will be created with pinterest which will also come on pinterest and click on your image will be redirected to your website and your Traffic will start coming on the blog via pinterest.
drive unlimited traffic

If you want to share photos directly from your website to pinterest, then you can also use pinterest extension. link to Extension is given below:

Click here to install pinterest exten. for chrome 
Click here to install extension for firefox
Click here to install pinterest extension for safari browser

4. Facebook

Who does not know Facebook today so I do not even need to tell more about this. Maybe you will know more about Facebook than me because every person is connected to Facebook and this is the benefit of you to take advantage of this There is such a big audience that there is no big deal of traffic for millions of people. But you should know the right trick about how traffic can be transferred from Facebook to website or blog.

traffic to your blog

Here are some of the tricks:

1. Add countless friends to your facebook account

You should add so many friends to your fraudulent account so that if you share any link or image on your timeline then many people will see your post.

2. Create Blog Fan Page

Friends Today every website has created its Facebook fan page, which also takes traffic from Facebook, so you also have to create a Facebook page and post something on it so that people follow your page.

If you can spend a lot of money, then you can use Facebook ads to viral your page, so that you can get more followers and likes in your page at a very short time.

I wrote an article on Facebook ads a few days ago that article will also get you to finish this line.

3. Facebook Group

Facebook Group is also a good option to take traffic from Facebook and I think there is no need to tell me a bit more about Facebook groups.
(small tip: Add as many friends as you add them to the group on regular basis.)

5. Tumblr

If you tell me the suggestion, you can never take more traffic than tumblr. You can take a little bit of traffic from tumblr and if you share your blog's articles on tumblr, then your social media performance will be great.
traffic to your blog
tumblr is a blogging platform but you can share your links, videos, images, text, everything on it.

6. Twitter

Twitter is the world's second most user-based social media website and you can also get thousands of traffic. But it is not easy to get traffic from Facebook and Reddit because making a followers on Twitter is a bit difficult because you can not send friend requests to anyone or add yourself, but if you are a good followers on Twitter then you Send good traffic to your blog or website.
unlimited traffic to your blog

There are many such websites on the internet that provide you with good twitter followers in a lot of money, you can use such websites and apps.
(Tip: You only buy followers from Trusted Websites and apps because many websites and apps give you thellollers but those followers are not genuinely and you do not have any of your work.)

6 ways to drive unlimited traffic to your blog  or website


7. Link - Building

Friends link building is a method of generating traffic that leads to traffic on your blog, along with your blog and articles also start to rank on search engines, so many web sites are those who have written some 20 to 30 articles. But he has made backlinks so many that he gives 20 to 30 posts to drive millions of them. But you will not think that link building is all about traffic. It's just a good source of traffic but it is important to make backlinks for your website. your backlinks will work well for your website only when the articles on your website will be perfect because Google just does not rank the article due to link building.

6 ways to drive unlimited traffic to your blog or website

If you started blogs in 2010 then I would not advise you to make backlinks at any time, but since Google's hummingbird algorithm has come, link building has become necessary to rank any blog.

If you want to know more about Backlinks or Link Building then I have written some articles about it too. You can learn more about these by reading them.

Friends, I hope you like this article, if I express this post in a line, that line will be 6 ways to drive unlimited traffic to your blog or website. If you want to help someone else with this post, then you can share this article on social media websites so that the person can learn something by

reading this article. This post which you read has written to me all this from my blogging experience. 

If you want to know more about blogging, then there are links to some more articles you can also read them.

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