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Seo Keywords: How to Choose Best Keywords

Friends If you are a blogger or you want to increase your business from the website then this article is for you because you can get the solution of related problems with your website ranking. Because many bloggers who start their blog but they don't know about seo nor know the importance of keywords in website or blog. But you will learn about seo and keywords in this article how it will help your website rank in the search engine. So let's know how to choose keywords for seo. but I would like to tell you that you can never rank a website with keywords because your first priority should be your content.

Important Information about Seo[Search Engine Optimization]

how to choose keywords for seo

What is seo ?

seo means that you have to send all the signals to search engines so that your article or website is ranked in the search engine. Do not assume that seo and keywords are two different things. keyword are part of a seo and the first stop for search engine optimization is keyword.

What is keyword ?

The keyword is a part of your article or post on which word you want to rank your article on a search engine like Google. So that search engine could show your article on that keyword on first position and first page.

Is the keyword used to rank on search engines ?

Yes, Because if you share your articles on any social media website or share the article on a forum, then these types of websites do not have to take anything from the keywords because you rank only on the search engine using keywords But every 93% of the people start the Internet Experience from the search engine, so keywords are required in the article.

Google vs Bing vs Yahoo 

Friends are the most used three search engines of the world. but you have to keep your Main Focus on Google only because the world's largest market share is with Google and if you use Google Chrome or Firefox then your default Search engines are google, so I should be focus to rank the article on focus only on Google. All search engines have almost the same algorithm, so if you rank in Google, then automatically you will be ranked on the rest of the search engine.

Watch this video for know about seo:

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How to Choose Keywords?

Choosing keywords is not a difficult task as there are no rocket science to find keywords. I am going to tell you in detail how to select perfect keywords for seo.

Long tail keywords are easy to rank

Long tail keywords are easy to rank, but there are many things to keep in mind as well that people search the keyword or not because if you have selected the keywords, they do not even search, then write your article. There are no benefits because no one searches for that keyword.

How to find long tail keywords

Although Long Tail Keywords you can easily find search engines available but there are many free and paid tools that can help you find long tail keywords. Both of these methods are explained to you below.

Free Method: You can search some keywords related to your posts in Google's search box and then use the space so that Google will link you with the help of rankbrain. If you still can not understand, then the following images will definitely understand. what I want to say.

#1. First of all, search for the first 1 to 2 words related to the article you want to write.

Seo Keywords: How to Choose Best Keywords

#2. Now Google will be suggesting you many types of keywords as you can see in the above image. If you want to add more long to your keyword, then you can select suggested keywords by enlarging the keyword. As you are shown in the image below.

how to choose keywords for seo

In the same way you can find keywords for your posts and this method is also very easy.

Paid Method: There are many tools on the Internet that help you find the long tail keyword list of those tools given below.

2. Answer The Public 
3. SemRush 
4. Kwfinder 
5. keyword tool dominator 
6. Word Tracker  
7. Long Tail Pro 

Watch this video for know about keywords:

Source: Neil Patel

Friends, I hope you like this article, if I express this post in a line, that line will how to choose keywords for seo. If you want to help someone else with this post, then you can share this article on social media websites so that the person can learn something by reading this article. This post which you read has written to me all this from my amazon selling experience.

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