Tuesday, 20 March 2018

How to remove adsense ads from my website

How to remove adsense ads from my website: Friends, if you want to remove adsense ads from your website or you want to remove adsense ads on any page of your website, then this article is for you. You are going to know in this article how to remove adsense ads. Because sometimes you can not add adsense ads on an article or webpage, because the policies of Google adsense are somewhat more strict, then let's know how you can remove adsense ads from any webpage in your website or all website.

how to remove adsense ads

First of all, know why you have to remove adsense ads.

1. Invalid claim to download or streaming content.
2. Linking to content that does not exist.
3. Redirecting users to irrelevant and / or misleading webpages.
4. Text on a page related to the website's topic and / or business model.

If you want to know more about adsense policys - click here.

Now you might be wondering how to remove adsense ads.

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How to remove adsense ads

If you want to solve these problems, then there are two ways to do this Solution.

1. If you want to solve this problem without having problems, you can delete your webpage but there are also many webpages that are important for your website and you can not delete them, then you can use another method. You do not even have to delete the page and your ads will either be deleted or blocked from that webpage.

2. If you follow this method by step by step you will be able to easily remove the ads.

Step 1: Go to your Google adsense account.
Step 2: Click Allow and block ads.

how to remove adsense ads

Step 3: After doing all the steps, click on your website.(eg.. technologyassention.com)
how to remove adsense ads

Step 4: By copying the URL of any webpage you want to block, you can put it in the box and click on the block urls.

how to remove adsense ads

You have now successfully removed the ad on your article or page.

(Note: It takes 24 hours for the ad to be blocked, so you do not think that your advertisement has been removed from the article or page.)

Why did I share this information with you

I had to face all these problems too, so I thought that many people would face it everyday because of this problem, so that your peers wanted to share with you. Some such emails came from the Google adsense team. Perhaps you have come to this only then you have reached this article.

Friends are hopeful that you would love to read this article, whatever information you wanted to get from this blog you would have found. If you convert this entire article to a centenary, then it will be conclusively how to remove adsense ads. If you want to help someone else through these posts, then you have given some links to social media websites, you can share this post by clicking on them and you want to tell them how you would like this article. Can tell in the comment section.

Have a nice day.

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