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How to get backlink from amazon | Amazon Backlinks

How to get backlink from amazon | Amazon Backlinks: Friends, if you are a blogger and you want to create a backlink of your website or blog from High Authority Websites, then you are the right place because you are going to read this article on how to get backlink from Amazon. Amazon is one of the World's top websites. Amazon's Alexa Rank is 10 and its Monthly Visitors are around 3 billion approximately. now, you may have got a little bit of idea that amazon backlinks are helping to increase your website's traffic. So let's know how to make dofollow backlinks for Amazon from their website.

amazon backlinks

Benefits of Amazon Backlinks

1. Amazon is one of the world's top websites, and if you make dofollow backlinks from Amazon, then there are plenty of improvements in your search engine rankings.
2. If you know that your website does not require many backlinks, your website needs High Domain Authority backlinks and Amazon is capable of delivering high-quality backlinks to you.
3. If you have a lot of traffic on your blog or website at work time, then you can do this with Amazon backlinks.
4. You can create lots of backlinks for a few minutes from Amazon.
5. Amazon's Domain Authority is 97 and Page Rank is 9 ensures that the backlinks are important for your website.

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How to get backlink from amazon

Step 1: You must have an account on and if you do not have your accounts, then you should follow these few steps if you have accounts, then you skip these steps.

1. Go to 

how to get backlink from amazon

2. Click Hello Sign In

3. After clicking on Sign In, you have to fill out any details Amazon needs and as soon as you fill up all the details, your Amazon Account will be created. 

amazon backlinksStep 2: After Amazon's account has been created, you will have to install Amazon Assist extension in your Chrome browser. the link to the Amazon Assistant has been given below.

Amazon Assistant Link:

how to get backlink from Amazon

Step 3: Any URL that you want to backlink into your website, you can open the URL in your browser. (If you believe that you do not backlink your website's homepage, because if you backlink your website homepage then your website will be ranked in the search engine no doubt but your articles will never be ranked on the search engine, so you can backlink the homepage do not waste time in creating, because a second of your life is very precious for you. maybe this line might have touched your heart.)

Step 4: After opening the URL of the website, click on the extension of the Amazon Assistant and paste your URL into a comment section.

amazon backlinks

Step 5: After pasting the url in comment section click on Add to wishlist.

how to get backlink from Amazon

Now you have created backlinks on, in this way you can create unlimited Amazon Backlinks for your website. If you want, you can go to and check the link to your website in wishlist. I have also given proof in the image.

amazon backlinks

I hope you have enjoyed this article and you have got the information you want to take from this article. you have read how to get backlink from amazon and how to get unlimited amazon backlinks.

You can tell your thoughts through your valuable comments.

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