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Best seo chrome extensions for boost your ranking

Best seo chrome extensions for boost your ranking: Friends, if you are a blogger or want to start a new blog, then you are in the right place, because in this article I will tell you the best seo chrome extensions or google chrome seo tool which you can use to increase your blog's ranking. Because nowadays, making money from blogs is not easy because everybody wants to earn money from blog so if you want to make your blog search If you want to bring it up, then you have to get the help of seo (search engine optimization) because if you want to bring traffic to your blog's articles, then you need to seo on the blog.

If you start a blog 10 years ago, you do not need to seo but today many people write articles on a topic which makes it difficult to rank your article, so you must seo it for your website. So let's know best seo chrome extensions.

best seo chrome extensions

1. Alexa Traffic Rank

chrome seo tool

Alexa Traffic Rank is a free seo chrome extension that lets you see the rank of any website and also see backlinks, traffic, similar website of that website. But there are some flaws in this extension like if you have to use all the features of Alexa, then you have to pay the money then you will be able to use all the features of this tool. Even if you use it for free, you will still be able to help in your website seo.

2. SEOquake

best seo chrome extensions

Seoqauke is my personal favorite Chrome extension because this extension is totally free and its features are very beneficial as you can see the domain age of any website and any website's Alexa rank, Google and Bing indexed pages, the website's Internal and External Backlinks also show."chrome seo tool"

3. Similarweb

chrome seo tool

Similarweb is a very good seo chrome extension that tells you the traffic of any website and has a great deal of similarweb that gives you the details of traffic of the last 6 months of any website But some websites are such that the traffic does not show similarweb because many websites do not want to show their traffic data in similarweb, but 95% of websites are able to show the traffic of similarweb."best seo chrome extensions"

4. Keywords Everywhere - Keyword Tool

best seo chrome extensions

If you have to write an article on any topic, you have to first do research on the keywords because if you publish any article without keyword research, then your article will never be in the search rankings because your article is not seo friendly article. Let me tell you that there are many tools available in many markets that help in researching the keywords, but those tools are paid and these tools are much more expensive. Like ahrefs, semrush. The initial plans of these tools start at $ 100, but I suggest you if you are starting blogging then you do not have to buy such expensive tools because I do not even use these tools, but still I Find keywords for my articles. It's a chrome extension that has its name Everywhere. This tool will also help you find keywords in your article like it will show you how much monthly traffic comes on to the keyword that you have searched for and how much competition and how much ad is paid on this keyword."chrome seo tool"

5. BuzzSumo

best seo chrome extensions

Friends, if you want to rank articles, it is also important to have social shares on your website or blog, so that you have a ranking of improvised traffic and traffic on your articles. So if you want to check the social shares of any other website, you can use the BuzzSumo extension, Buzzzumo shows you social shares of any website or its article.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and you have got the information you want to take from this article. you have read best seo chrome extensions.

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