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winminer review II winminer vs nicehash

winminer review II winminer vs nicehash

Friends, if you have seen the ad of winminer and you also want money from your computer, then in this article you will get all the information about winminer and I have been using winminer for several days and also my Experience shared with you. Want to talk about Winminer's Alternate nicehash and winminer vs nicehash? Who are the best to do an Earning from a computer? And winminer review is also going to read you in this article.

winminer review
winminer review


Winminer Review

winminer is a cryptocurrency mining company that uses cryptocurrencies mine using the power of your computer or laptop.Because today cryptocurrencys become a very popular way to make money and 90% cryptocurrencies work on BlockChain Technology and now you want to know what is blockchain technology.

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain technology means that for the transfer of cryptocurrency from one person's account to another person, anybody has a computer or Gpu which is used to send cryptocurrency from one account to another, and if you Want to know more about Blockchain Technology has given a video below that blockchain technology in the video is explained in detail.

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Winminer Pros and Cons

1. If you are using a computer with good specifications then winminer profitable for you.
2. If you do not use a computer then winminer proves to be profitable for you.
3. You can earn money without any investment.

1. Your electricity costs go up too much.
2. Sometimes your profits are not even.
3. Your computer does not work properly.

Winminer vs Nicehash

Friends, if I think so nicehash is good. the reason is mentioned below.


1. Good Hash rate
2. very compatible
3. no any effect on computer
4. many options to mine coins.
5. profitable.

No ( Better than winminer)

My opinions

if I believe you should not use any of winminer or nicehash because this company gives you a very small amount of profit.(example: Your computer has 1000 dogecoin mine in a month but this company's give you only 20 to 30% of its share.) Because of which your computer was used more but you did not get as much profit.If you want money from computer then there are lots of ways available in the market.

You read this article in winminer review and together winminer vs nicehash comparison.

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Friends, if you think of this article, I will definitely tell you the following comments and if you want to give some opinion, then you can tell through the comments section.

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