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How to increase visibility on amazon for more sales

How to increase visibility on amazon for more sales: Friends, if you are an Amazon seller and you want to see your featured products on Amazon's first page, then you are on the right article, because in this article I will tell you how to increase visibility on amazon. And I will share with you some of my personal methods and some tips by which you can increase the visibility of your products too and your products can get as much as possible and if you sell more products then your income will increase too, so let's know how to increase visibility on amazon. Whichever tips and methods I am sharing with you in this article, all of these methods are my personal methods and these methods work on every kind of e-commerce. So Let's Get Started.

Optimize your product listing title

If you want to show your products on Amazon first page, then you have to make your product titles very well in which all your keywords will be used but you can use as many as 4 keywords in your title otherwise your product First will not come to Amazon's first page. Now you might be wondering what are these keywords and we will search keywords from products then you will find the following in the article about keywords. before that you have to optimize your product title. so I have created a framework for a product title. so, that you will easily find out how to make your product title.

Keyword 1 by brand name | Keyword 2 | keyword 3 | keyword 4 (a little bit of product detail) 

Example: Redmi note 5 back cover by comoro | Redmi note 5 cover | Redmi note 5 covers and cases | Redmi note 5 back case (Good Quality Product with 30 Days Warranty)

you follow this framework and create your title then the chances of your product's first page will increase.

Optomize product bullets

Friends Amazon gives you the option of bullet points to give you the information about your products to customers, so that the information of your product gets highlighted and the customer can get more information in less time. So you should give bullet points of your product very seriously.

How to Choose Bullet Points for Product

You should find some highlights of your products so that the customer is impressed by reading the bullet points of the product and expressing the desire to buy your product, I have given some below mentioned examples so that you can understand more.


Title: Xiaomi Redmi Mi Note 5 Pro Cover - amozo® All Side Protection Sleek Rubberised Matte Soft Silicon Back Case Cover For Redmi Note 5 Pro (Black-Mi Note 5 Pro)

Bullet points
  • Precisely Made Specially For Xiaomi Redmi Note 5
  • Rubberised Matte Finished Back Case Cover
  • Full Corner Protection
  • Complete Access To All Features Of The Device Including Microphone Speaker Camera And All Buttons
  • Protection from Dents and Scratches

Create good product descriptions 

Your product description plays an important role in your product ranking. Because if you want to explain to the customer about your product in the details of the product, then you can use the description because if your description is properly provided to the customer of your product, then the increase of the chances of selling your products is much more.

Use best keywords

 What is Keywords

I mean by keyword, how people search for your product are all word keywords.(Example: As you have searched on Google how to increase visibility on amazon or some similar words will be searched in the search engine then you have got this article in search results and my article keyword is how to increase visibility on amazon, so that the search engine Finding my article. Similarly, Amazon also searches customers for products by searching related products from keywords.

How to find keywords

There are many ways to find keywords, but I'm going to tell you my personal method how do I find product keywords.

Step 1: Go to website (This website is a free website if you want to use its premium service, you will have to pay monthly money to this website but if you do not want to invest any money you can use the free service of this website. I also use the free service of this website)

how to increase visibility on amazon

Step 2: click on amazon and choose your country.

how to increase visibility on amazon

Step 3: Search your product in the search bar and click search. after complete this steps you will now be able to see related keywords from your product.

how to increase visibility on amazon

how to increase visibility on amazon

Don’t worry about Product selection

Friends, many e-commerce sellers say that you can sell the same products which have a lot of demand but you can sell any product from my experiences, but you need to list your product properly.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and you have got the information you want to take from this article. you have read how to increase visibility on amazon.

You can tell your thoughts through your valuable comments.

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