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Jeff Bezos Autobioraphy and jeff bezos biography

Jeff Bezos Autobioraphy and jeff bezos biography: If you've ever shopped from Amazon, you've never imagined that the founder of the Amazon, today, today we're talking about Jeff Bezos and you will read this article in jeff bezos Autobiography And jeff bezos biography.

             jeff bezos Autobiography

Full name - Jeffrey Preston Bezos
Born - January 12, 1964, Albuquerque, New Mexico
Profession - Amazon. Com is born and is also an Executive Officer
Educated - Bachelor of Science from Princeton University
Nationality - American, US
The precious words of Jeff Bezos - our goal is to make the world's largest customer centric company.


Early life of Jeff Bezos:

Jeff Bezos's parents lived in Texas. Jeff's parents had worked hard and diligently opened a cattle farm at 25, ooo acres. Jeff Bezos's maternal grandfather was a Regional Director in the US Atomic Energy Commission Jeff's maternal grandfather took leave from this post and started working in a cattle farm. Jeff Bezos spent his youth on a cattle farm with his grandfather on the day of his youth."jeff bezos autobiography"

Jeff also used to accompany his grandfather to the Rose Farm and used to do various functions. Jeff had shown interest in mechanical work since his childhood. From the earliest days, Jeff Bezos did some work to open something. When Jeff Bezos was 5, his father made a second marriage with Miguel Bezos. Their second mother was born in Cuba. Jeff Bezos moved to the United States of America when he was 15 years old."jeff bezos biography"

For some time his mother started working in a company named Xan. Jeff Bezos did his early studies in River Oaks Elementary. Jeff Bezos was a fast and stubborn child since childhood. From childhood, he was interested in science and various things. Their parents used to have a garage, later they converted this garage into a science laboratory."jeff bezos autobiography"

Then Jeff Bezos's family moved to Miami and Flodia. Then from Beaujos studied his 10th (High School) from Floydia. After this, Bezos participated in science training program at the University of Phulia. The advantage of this training was found in Bezos in 1982. He was awarded Silver Nite Award and then Jeff Bezos enrolled for Princeton University to study Physics."jeff bezos biography"

But Jeff was bored with physical science, after which Bezos obtained a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering and computer science. For his good work, an institution named Fei Beta Kappa had associated him with his organization with respect. After that, Bezos received an honorary degree in science and technology from Carnegie University in 2008 and received respect."jeff bezos autobiography"

jeff bezos Autobiography

Career of Jeff Bezos:

Then came the time to do something, after graduating from Princeton University in 1986, Bezos worked in the field of computer science at Wall Street. After that Jeff Bezos did an important job of creating a network for an international business named Fitel. Later, Bezos served as the Deputy Chairman of the Bank Trust and after that he worked for D.E. Shaw and Company in the field of Computer Science."jeff bezos autobiography"

In 1994, Bezos toured the country from New York to Seattle, and then Bezos placed the foundation of a company called At the time of the tour of the country, Bezos used to write something in the streets about Amazon's business. Amazon Com started by Bezos with his garage. Amazon At the beginning of the com, with his work and hard work, he has become a billionaire in the field of business of a leading dot-com."jeff bezos biography"

In 2004, Bezos established a start-up company named Blue Origin, a human space flight. Jeff Bezos is known for his thinking and interest in a business process statement. As explained in the entire detail in Conde Nast's"jeff bezos autobiography"

Honours and awards :

Times Magazine honored the special person of the year in 1999. In 2008, s. News and World Report chose him as one of America's most prominent leaders."jeff bezos biography"

jeff bezos Autobiography

Jeff Bezos left for his job for

Jeff Bezos had left his job up to Amezon.Com for an online business company. Today, Bezos is one of the few people in the world who have made a profound impact on the life of the people with their enchanting exploits. has changed the way the people buy the logo today. With this you have the advantage of ordering online and the goods will be reached at your doorstep."jeff bezos autobiography"

That too at affordable cost from the market. Jeff Bezos created an company with a lot of hard work and hard work, which today is not the only America that is the world's largest online rhetoric company. The result of Jeff Bezos's hard work is that he started business with a garage and today is the third largest online trading company in the world."jeff bezos biography"

Among the richest people in the world are:

Jeff Bezos was born of Amazon.Com and is also known as the Father of E-commerce. This company was initially started by 3 people and today 20,00,000 employees work within this company. Jeff Bezos has created history by launching website. They started the era of Online Selling and Net Banking while beginning the Internet revolution. Jeff Bezos had a wealth of $ 88.988 in 2014. Today Amazon.Com World is the third online business retailer company."jeff bezos autobiography"

Friends, I hope you like this article Jeff Bezos Autobioraphy and jeff bezos biography and you read this article in jeff bezos Autobiography And jeff bezos biography.

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