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Nelson Mandela Biography and Life Story

Nelson Mandela Biography and Life Story: Friends, if you want to know about Abraham Lincoln, then you are on the right article because you are going to read this article in nelson mandela biography and you will know about life story of nalsen mandela.

nelson mandela biography

South Africa's Gandhi Nelson Mandela was born on July 18, 1918, in the Mavenjo village of Transki, on the banks of the river Basa, who considered Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King's ideas. Mother's name was Nomazamo Vinnie Medicijala, she was a Methodist. Father's name was Gedla Henry. He was the head of the village. They named the boy Rohilah, which means that the branches of the pang or the cute devil child. In the short age of twelve years, the father's body was lifted from his head."
nelson mandela biography"

Nelson Mandela's early education was at the Clarkbury Missionary School and graduate education at Handtown. 'Hildtown' was a special college designed for blacks. In this college, Mandela met Oliver Tambo, who had been his friend and colleague throughout his life. By 1940, Nelson Mandela and Oliver had gained popularity with their political ideas and activities in the college campus. When it was reported to the college administration, both of them were fired from the college."life story of nalsen mandela"

The family was very worried about Mandela's revolution. The family tried to bind them in responsibilities by marrying them, but Nelson escaped from home while leaving private life and moved to Johannesburg. There he worked as a watchman in the gold mine and there lived in a settlement called Alexandra. After this he worked as a clerk in a law firm. In Johannesburg itself, the only metamorphosis came from 'Water Sisalu' and 'Water Albertine'. These two friends have a great impact on Nelson's political life. Together with some of their allies, they formed the 'African National Congress Youth League'. Mandela was elected secretary of this organization in 1947. Along with this, he was also appointed the officer of Transvenal ANC. At the same time, facing the defeat of the African National Congress (ANC) elections. With the removal of the Congress President, the demand for a new chairman was started to gain. Considering the ideas of the Youth Congress, the idea of ​​moving the main party was kept. 'Walter Sisliu' created an action plan, which was conceded by the African National Congress. After that, Nelson was elected president of Youth Congress in 1951.
"nelson mandela biography"

     nelson mandela biography
In 1952, Nelson established a law firm to fight legal battles. They were banned for Nelson's growing popularity. He was sent out of Johannesburg in charge of class discrimination. They were banned so that they could not participate in any meeting. Nelson and Oliver made an M-Plan to avoid the government's suppression cycle. M meanings were from Mandela. It was decided that work should be done by breaking the Congress in the chakras and living according to the situation. Despite the ban, Nelson moved to Clinttown and started taking part in the Congress party. He worked there with all the organizations who were struggling for the independence of blacks."life story of nalsen mandela"

Movement and Nelson became life partners. The ANC accepted the charter of independence and this step called the restraint of the government. The round of arrests started all over the country. 156 leaders who supported the movement of apartheid from across the country with ANC president and Nelson were arrested. Movement became disadvantaged Nelson and his colleagues were accused of treason The sentence of this crime was the death penalty. All the leaders were prosecuted and in 1961 Nelson and 29 were declared absconding after being declared innocent.
"nelson mandela biography"
Nelson's growing base was increasing due to the government's suppression cycle. The apartheid government was making every effort to break the agitation. Among the few laws passed were those who were not in the interests of blacks. Nelson opposed these laws. During the protests, in the city of Sharpville, police opened fire on protesters. About 180 people were killed. In this cruel repression cycle of the government, Nelson's belief has vanished from non-violence. In view of the merits of the facts, the ANC took the decision to fight the arms. ANC's group squad was named 'Spear of the Nation' and Nelson was made its president."life story of nalsen mandela"

      nelson mandela biography

The government wanted to arrest Nelson by finishing this organization. To avoid this, Nelson went out of the country and demanded his basic rights in 'Addis Ababa'. After that Algeria went to the training of gorilla techniques. After this Mandela went to London, where he met again with 'Oliver Tombo'. Together with the opposition parties in London, they tried to explain their point to the whole world. Once again he reached South Africa where he was arrested. Nelson was sentenced to five years in prison. They accused them of leaving the country illegally. The government did not consider him the leader of revolution. In the meanwhile, the government raided the Lilasilife and threw the MK headquarters. All the great MK leaders were arrested and everyone, including Mandela, was sentenced to life imprisonment. Mandela was sent 'Robben Island' which is considered to be South Africa's black pepper."nelson mandela biography"
In 1989, there was a change in power in South Africa, and liberal leader F. W. Clark became the head of the country. They removed all restrictions on black parties. All those prisoners who were not prosecuted were released. The sun rose in the evening of Mandela's life. On February 11, 1990, Mandela became completely independent. 1994 became the President of South Africa by winning the country's first democratic election.

Nelson Mandela, who usually dressed in shirted shirts, was a very handsome man of Muzzakya mood. In 1993, 'Nelson Mandela' and 'D Clark' were jointly awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace. In 1990, India honored him with the country's highest award Bharat Ratna. Mandela is the first foreigner to get Bharat Ratna."life story of nalsen mandela"

Mandela loved children very much In 2002, more than 20,000 children took part in the Christmas party in their native Gov, and had a lot of fun for three to four days. Mandela was also a lawyer and boxer. In a program in 1998, he said that I would regret that I could not win the World Champion title of heavyweight boxing."
nelson mandela biography"
According to tradition during prison, every prisoner is known by number. Mandela's number was 46664. These numbers are still stuck in different areas of life. New labels were shaped to blow up the province in the sick industry of South Africa and it was dedicated to Nelson Mandela under the name of 46664 apparel. In 2002, an organization named 46664 was created, which campaigned to bring awareness among youth towards AIDS and HIV.

nelson mandela biography

Although the world knows them as Nelson Mandela, but they also had five more names. The first name Rohilhala, kept by the parents, was kept by Nelson a primary school teacher. In South Africa he is known as Madiba. Some people called him either Tata or Khulu, in the African language, which means father and grandfather respectively. Mandela was also called Dalibhunga at the age of 16."life story of nalsen mandela"

The leader of anti-apartheid movement in South Africa, the country's first black President Nelson Mandela, who took inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi, passed away on 5 December 2013 after a prolonged illness. The news of his demise came at a time when premiere of his film Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom was going on in a London hall. At the end of the premiere, the news was given by film producer Anant Singh to everyone."
nelson mandela biography"
Mandela was an unprecedented and brave man. He was a celebrity whose birthday was celebrated as Nelson Mandela International Day in his lifetime. United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that Mandela is a symbol of the UN's high ideals. These honors have been given to Mandela for their continued efforts to establish peace, establish apartheid, protect human rights and establish gender equality.

Today even though Mandela is not in this mortal world, but the greatness of his sacrifice and struggle is alive to inspire the whole world. Nelson Mandela conceived a landlocked and independent society where all people are associated with peace and everyone gets equal opportunities. He said, "When a person plays the service of his country and people as his duty, he gets peace. I think that I have tried that and so I can sleep peacefully till the end. "."life story of nalsen mandela"

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