Friday, 10 November 2017

How to Start Mobile Repair Business

How to Start Mobile Repair Business: Friends, if you want to start mobile repair business then you are in the right place because I am going to give you complete information about starting this mobile repair business.

mobile repair business

How to start

You can open Mobile Repair Shop with a few months of training for mobile repairing. Before starting the Mobile Repairing Shop, there is a need to select the right place and some necessary equipment besides training.

Choice of place

This place has a significant place of place. The choice of place will play an important role in the success of this work. It would be better if you open your shop in the market, as well as keep in mind that there is easy availability of electricity and the ease of arrival to the customers."mobile repair business"

Content - (Material)

During training, you are told in detail about the tools and about their use. Devices that require more during repair are screwdriver sets, MSD, soldering iron, digital meters and computers or laptops. All these accessories will be available to you from the repair business


Mobile repairing is a task that can not be done without training. In every small city ITI and many private institutes run a few months of training program. The certificate course takes place two to three to six months, while the diploma course is of one year. There is no degree of need for training, but if you are close to the eighth or tenth passage, then you will be easy during training. Although some institutions give admission for training only after the twelfth."mobile repair business"


To set up a mobile repairing shop at the small level in the small town itself, it will require at least Rs. 30 to 50 thousand to install the necessary goods and shop. If you want to start this work in a big city or at a bigger level then one lakh rupees and above may also be required. You can put the capital to start the shop according to your business area. It can be easily earned in 10-12 thousand rupees."mobile repair business"

Friends, I hope you that you will enjoy this article How to Start Mobile Repair Business and you will tell me in the comment section how you felt this article. You read this article about mobile repair business.

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