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Top Best Free Search Engine Optimization Tools 2018

Top Best Free Search Engine Optimization Tools 2018 : In this article you will learn about some of the top tools you can grasp of your website and traffic of search engines on your website. title of this article is search engine optimization tools.

search engine optimization tools

1. Google Keyword Planner  

With Google Keyword Planner, you can research keywords for articles, so that you can remove the titles and focus keywords of the articles, which increases the chances of your article search engine ranking and comes from the traffic search engine on your website.

search engine optimization tools

Google Keyword Planner Tool Link


This tool helps to create the title and tags of your article so that you can make the title and tag of your title, and this tool can prove to be a very helpful tool for you."search engine optimization tools" Link

3. Seo Book

You can check that this article is the monthly search and daily search for which article you are making, and in which country how much it is being searched, so that you can target a country and make a good title on it and Can create keyword research."search engine optimization tools"

Seo book Link

4. Plagiarism Checker

With this tool, you can find out that the article you wrote is not being matched by any other article. If it is a match, then it will be a copyrighted article which can also close your AdSense account and your website's ranking Can also be down.

search engine optimization tools

Plagiarism Checker Link

5. Backlink Checker

If you want to rank your website early, it is important for you to create a backlinks. This tool tells your backlinks of your competition that are already ranked on your keyword, from which website your competitors have made a dufollow and nofollow backlinks."search engine optimization tools"

search engine optimization tools

Backlink Checker Link

6. Keyword Density Checker

This tool tells you how much density (competition) is on the keyword that you want to rank in search engines so that you can choose the title of the article and the keyword exactly.

Keyword Density Checker Link

7. Yoast SEO

This deal is a Word Press plugin that helps you write Proper SEO Article and tells you whether your article is a SEO article or not 80% of bloggers but they use it and this plugin lets you easily access WordPress account You can also download it and you can download it from the WordPress website, this tool will be very helpful for you, in order to make the article so that you can add your articles to your articles. Get Ranked In Wrist Engines."search engine optimization tools"

search engine optimization tools

Yoast SEO Download

8. Google Analytics

With Google Analytics, you can analyze your website so that you can see all of your website's traffic, visitors and referencing sites."search engine optimization tools"

search engine optimization tools

Google Analytics Link

9. Image Compression tool

With this tool you can compress the size of the images uploaded to the website, so that your website will not be slow and the images will be open soon.

Image Compression tool Link

10. Article Rewriter Tool

If you copy someone's article then this tool is for you. If you put the copy content in it, then you will convert it to Article New which will not contain any copyrighted content on your article.

Article Rewriter Tool Link

Friends, in this article you will have to know about some of the tools which can prove to be very helpful for you. Friends, if you like my article then please encourage me by writing in a comment."Top Best Free Search Engine Optimization Tools 2018"

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