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Thomas Alva Edison Biography and Thomas Edison Light Bulb Quote

Thomas Alva Edison Biography and Thomas Edison Light Bulb Quote: Friends, if you want to know about thomas alva edison biography and thomas edison light bulb quote, then you have reached this article, so today in this article, I am going to tell you about the bulb father Thomas Elva Edison. If you want to know about thomas elva edison biography and thomas edison light bulb quote, then please read this article completely.

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Thomas Elva Edison Biography

Personal Details Of Thomas Alva Edison

Full Name - Thomas Alva Edison
Birth - 11 February 1847
Birthplace - Milan, Ohio, United States
Father - Samuel Ogden Edison
Mother Nancy Matthew Elliot
Marriage - Mary Stillwell (m.1871-84), Meena Miller (m. 1886-1931)

Thomas Alva Edison was born in Milan, Ohio, and he grew up in Huron, Michigan. He was the seventh and last son of Samuel Ogden Edison and Nancy Matthew Elliott, whose native family was Dutch, who had the nickname "Edison" since ancient times.

Young Edison's mind was very confused in school, and his teacher Reverend Engley called him "distraught". And almost 3 months Edison spent in school. Later, his mother began reading Edison at home. Edison has mostly educated R.G. Taken from Parker School and from The Cooper Union School of Science and Art."thomas alva edison biography"

Edison had difficulty hearing from childhood. All this had been going on since then when he had a high fever in his childhood and when he was recovering from him, his right ear was hurt. From that time there was little trouble in listening to them. In the middle of his career, he told about his illness that when he was traveling in the train a fire broke out in a chemical, because of which he was thrown out of the train and his ear suffered injury. After a few years, he broke the story and did not make a single story and started saying that when the conductor was helping him in the moving train, then suddenly he got hurt in his ear.

Even after suffering from ear disease, Edison has had such a success with little entertainment, perseverance, diligence, limitless patience, amazing memory power, and untimely imagination. He was not only a scientist but a successful entrepreneur too. They used to spend the day after doing their work in experiment and testing. He used his imagination and memory power to pursue his business. Thanks to his talent, he founded 14 companies, including General Electric, which is still known as the world's largest trading company.

Thomas Alva Edison was a US inventor and businessman. He developed many instruments and tricks that brought about a change in the life of people throughout the world. He invented thousands of inventions, including electric bulbs and phonographs. They were one of the first inventors to bring the theory of production in full volume. Apart from this, he was the first inventor to use a huge team to search. Therefore, he is also credited with establishing the first industrial research laboratory.

Edison was a great inventor, in his time, he had occupied 1093 patents of the US, and in addition he has many patents in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. All of their patents had a strong influence on their unbelievers. Along with his patents, his invention also started to be quite prevalent at that time, including electric lights and power utilities, sound recorders and motion pictures, which got great popularity all over the world. In Addison's inventions, we often see relations with mass communication and tele-communication. It also includes stock sticker, vote recording machine, electric car battery, electric power recorder and motion picture."thomas alva edison biography"

He soon made progress in these inventions and made his career in the telegraphy operator. Edison later developed the mechanism of electric power generation and kept it in house, trade and factory - which became known as a huge invention in the modern world. His first station to build all of this was made in Pearl Street, New York.


Thomas Edison Light Bulb Quote


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"Our greatest weakness is to accept defeat. The most sure way to succeed is to try one more time" - Thomas A. Edison.

"I have not failed Rather I have just discovered 10,000 ways that do not work."

"Most people lose opportunities in their life because they look like work."

"Genius has one percent motivation and 99 percent sweat"

"Being busy does not always have to work in reality."

"If we do everything we think we can not do, then we will really surprise ourselves."

"In order to invent you need to find a good idea from a litter stack."

"To achieve anything in life, these three things are very important: hard work, perseverance and common sense." Edison.

"There is no substitute for hard work."

"You show me a completely satisfied person and I will show you a failed person."

 "Your price is not what you have. Rather it is in what you have."

 "Some of my inventions were due to fate, nor did I do anything in Tuka, but they came by work."

"There are many people in the unsuccessful life who do not know that when they gave up, then how close they were to success at that time."

"Whatever you are, you will see it in your work, you do not have to tell it separately."

" Almost every person who develops a fantasy works on it until it seems impossible, and then he becomes frustrated at the place where it should not be disappointed."

"The weak man considers every work impossible, while the hero ordinary."

"Many people who have failed in life are those who do not have the impression of how close they were to success when they gave up"

"Truly nature is amazing. The dishonest is only human."

"We will make electricity so cheap that candles will only burn rich people."

 "Anything that is not sold, I do not want to invent it."

 "I am proud of the fact that I have never invented weapons."

 "The main function of our body is to move the mind around."

"Whatever can make a human brain, it can also control the human character."

 "In my life, I did not work any day. All this was an entertaining game."

                                                                                                                     - Thomas A. Edison.

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