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Saint Mother Teresa Biography and Life Story

Saint Mother Teresa Biography and Life Story: Today, I am very happy to write this article. Today's article is about a superwoman who knows people in the name of Mother Teresa. I am the author who will tell you mother teresa short biography and mother teresa life story.

mother teresa short biography

Mother Teresa was born on August 26, 1910 in the Kosor Albanyian family, under the name of Engez Gonzeshe Bojksihu. But on August 27 it is considered to be his real birthday. His hometown Skopje is today the capital of the Republic of Macedonia, at the time of his birth it was a part of the Ottoman Empire.

Mother Teresa is the smallest among all the children of Nicholay and Danaafile Bojksihu. His father was a member of a political party like Macedonia's Albanian community, who died in 1919, the mother Teresa was only 8 years old. Perhaps his father was from Kosovo's prey, while his mother was from a nearby village of Gjkova.

According to Joan Graf Clucas's autobiography, Mother Teresa had an interest in hearing stories of social workers and religious people since childhood, and at the age of just 12, she had determined that her life was devoid of social service. Will do And finally, on August 15, 1928, he started his revolutionary campaign.

In 1928, at the age of only 18, he left home to live with the Loreto sisters, the same mother Teresa learned English, and became a Christian preacher. Loreto was using English language to teach children in excuses. After removing them from home, they never saw their sisters and their mother again. By 1934 his family had remained in Skopje and after that he had gone to Tirana in Albania.

mother teresa short biography  

After this, Mother Teresa came to India in 1929 and studied in Darjeeling. She learned Bengali at St. Teresa School near the hills of the Himalayas and she taught the children there on 24th May, 1931, for her first time she received the title of Sanyasini. And after that he changed his original name to Teresa.

Mother Teresa taught at the Loreto Convent School on 14 May 1937. Teresa spent almost 20 years of her life and in 1944 she was appointed as headmistress. Mother Teresa was very fond of teaching the children to school, but she was very worried about her life and poverty spread in her Calcutta, during which time violent incidents took place in her city.

He spent most of his life in Calcutta, where he also set up several social services. Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979 and since then she has become quite popular.

He had so much faith in God. He did not have much money or property but he had concentration, faith, trust and energy, which happily helped him to help poor people. For the care of poor people, long distance on the roads, he decided to walk barefoot. Constant work and hard work gave them tired but they never gave up.

He dedicated himself to life and humanity for his peace.

mother teresa short biography

Questions about Mother Teresa: -

1) who was mother Teresa? Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic nun, who had Indian citizenship.

2) Is Mother Teresa a Saint Roman? Many people believe Mother Teresa will be given the name of a saint of the Catholic Church someday.

Mother Teresa Timeline: - Awards

* Raman Magsaysay Award (1962)
* Pope John XXIII Peace Prize (1971)
* Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Peace (1972)
* Nobel Peace Prize (1979)
* Bharat Ratna (1980)
* Order of Merit (1983)
* Rajiv Gandhi Sadbhavna Award (1993)

Death - On the night of September 5, 1997, at 9.30 pm, the compassionate mother has been eternally departing from this world for eternity.

Friends, this article Saint Mother Teresa Biography and Life Story ends on this, I hope you have liked this article. You read this article in mother teresa short biography and mother teresa life story.

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