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Magician of stock market Warren Buffet Biography

Magician of stock market Warren Buffet Biography: There will be no one who does not know about warren Buffet. Today I'm about to tell you about the warren buffet biography.

warren buffet biography

The biggest thing is that Buffett has made history by donating nearly 85% of his total assets to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation by Bill Gates and he has become the world's largest donor ....

Buffett's father was a stock exchange I was a businessman, Buffett started his business at the age of 11, when I started my business, Buffett filed his first income tax return at the age of 13, and his bicycle was $ 35 Given the expenditure in terms of expenses."
warren buffet biography"
At the age of 15, at high school, in the past year, one of Buffett and one of his friends bought a pinball machine used for $ 25 and kept it in a barbershop shop. In a few months, they had three machines at different places.

At the age of 20, Buffett applied for admission to Harvard Business School, but he was denied. Warren Buffett then joined Columbia Business School because he knew that Benjamin Graham and David Dod, two famous security analysts, read them there. These same gurus learned to invest in the Buffett stock market.

Buffett's win property is today, his life style is simple, Buffett still lives in the same house that he bought five decades ago, he owns his car, neither he has any driver nor any security guard , They write all their chief executives once in a year."
warren buffet biography"
Friends, understanding the leprosy of Warren Buffett or making any opinion about them is equally intriguing in the stock market.

Warren Buffett Best Tips - Some of Warren Buffett Tips

  • "Earnings: Never be dependent on the sole income. Invest in making another means of income."
  •  "Success: When you come to the spot, you do some work. There was a moment in my life when I had lots of treatments but if I came to take some measures next week, then I would be able to do something else otherwise I I will not be able to do anything. "
  • Spend: If you are buying what you do not need, you will have to sell whatever you need one day. "
  • "Savings: survivors who do not save after survival, but save them after saving."
  • "Risk: Never, the depth of the river should not be measured in two phases."
  • "Investments: Never put all their eggs in one basket."
  • "Expectancy: Honesty is the most expensive gift. Do not expect younger people."

Humane: If you are involved in humanity in 1% humanity, you can teach 99% people innocence ""
warren buffet biography"

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