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Jack Ma Biography And Alibaba Success Story

Jack Ma Biography And Alibaba Success Story

Early life of jack ma

Jack Ma Jack Ma was born in Hanaju village of Zhejiang province of China. Jack Ma's parents used to sing traditional singing tales. Jack Ma Jack Ma had had a desire to learn English since childhood, so he used to visit a nearby bicycle hotel every day, where he often used to be foreign nationals. Jack Maarro spoke with him in broken English because Chinese was the main language in China and learning English did not have to be considered necessary. Now he used to guide the foreign people free of charge in his spare time, which was also his practice and his English improved too. He did this for nine years.

Article title: Jack Ma Biography and Alibaba Success Story

While guiding these foreigners, he became deeply friendlier with a foreign friend, who used to write letters to him and the same foreign friend named him Jack because he was very hard to speak and write his name in Chinese. Since then, they are known only by the name of Jack. Later on when he passed the university entrance examination, he failed this examination three times. After that, Jack enrolled at the Hanzau Teachers Institute, from where he passed his graduate examination in 1988. During school, Jack was elected the Chairman of the Student Council. After graduation he became a lecturer in English and International Business at Hanju University.

Career of Jack Ma

Jack Ma's career debut was quite challenging. Jack Ma applied for a job at 30 different places, but every time he felt disappointed. Jack Ma had first applied for a police job but she refused to see her Deal Dal. After this, he also once worked for KFC when KFC first came to his city. 24 jobs were applied for this job, out of which 23 people were selected but only Jack Ma was not selected. This shows how Jack Ma had stumbled in the beginning of his career

Article title: Jack Ma Biography and Alibaba Success Story

In 1994 Jack Ma named the Internet for the first time. In the beginning of 1995, he went to America with the help of his friends, where he first saw the Internet. Jack Ma had never run the internet before, when he first launched the Internet, he searched for the word "beer". He received many information related to Beer from different countries but he went to see that China's name was not there in that search. The next time they tried to find general information about China, but then they went to the queue that no information was available to the Internet on the Internet.

Jack was very unhappy with his country's lack of information on the Internet because it seemed that China is far behind other countries in the technical field and he does not want to move forward. For this reason, he along with his friend "ugly" created the first website to inform China. Within five hours of making this website, he received emails from some Chinese people who wanted to know about Jack. Then Jack Ma realized that a lot can be done from the internet.

In 1995, Jack Ma, his wife and friends together mocked $ 20,000 and started a company. The main work of this company was to create a website for other companies. He named his company "China Yellow Pages". Within three years his company earned $ 8 million. Now Jack has started to create a website for Chinese companies with the help of a friend from America. Jack Ma had told that when he joined the web, he used to call his friends to watch TV at home because he had a very slow dial-up connection at that time and he used to cut three and a half times to make half the page. During this time, he used to meet his friends at home to watch TV and play cards.

Article title: Jack Ma Biography and Alibaba Success Story

Mother bought her first computer for the first time at the age of 33. Jack Ma Jack from 1998 to 1999, under the chairmanship of an IT company founded by China International Electronic Commerce Center. In 1999, he left the job and Hanjau returned with his team, where he along with his 17 friends formed one of China's first B2B website Alibaba. He created a history by Alibaba, which he started from 5 lakh youth and 79 million members spread over 240 countries.

In October 1999 and January 2000, Alibaba had won the $ 25 million international venture capital investment twice. With this program, she wanted to improve the country's e-commerce market, which will take small and middle-class businesses globally. In order to improve the global e-commerce system, Jack Ma founded the Taobao Marketplace in 2003, given the growing influence, eBay offered to buy it. Jack Ma turned down eBay's offer and instead sought $ 1 billion from Yahoo's co-founder Jerry.

According to the September 2014 data, Alibaba set a $ 25 billion company in New York Stock Exchange. Alibaba was counted among the world's most famous tech companies with this amount. Jack Ma is currently the executive chairman of Alibaba Group whose ten professional companies, Taobao Marketplace, Tmall, eTao, Alibaba Cloud Computing, Juhuasuan,,, and Alipay are working. Alibaba's online transaction in November 2012 Went beyond trillion yuan.

Personal Life of jack ma

Jack Ma Jack Ma had married Zhengying and he has a son and a daughter. Jack got his wife for the first time when he was studying at Hangzhou Normal University. After graduation, both of them got married in the early 1980's and both of them started working as teachers. According to Jack Ma and his colleague, Jack has been learning Han Chen's style Tai Chi Chuan art for a long time, while in 2009 he had learned Wáng Xī'an. In 2011 Jack Maine hired several Tai Chi winners to teach the staff to work in Alibaba. Wang, Jet Li, and Jack Mama take regular classes in Alibaba, which is mandatory to attend the staff. According to Jack Ma's assistant, Jack believes that one day people will always remember him as Tai Chi Master rather than the owner of China's biggest internet company.

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