Tuesday, 10 October 2017

How To Start Your Own T- Shirt Printing Business At Home

How To Start Your Own T - Shirt Printing Business At Home: Today I'm going to tell you about the T-shirt printing business in this article, how you can start your own T-shirt printing business. So today our article is titled how to start T-shirt printing business.

Requirements To Start This Business

 1. T- Shirt Printing Machine:- First of all you will have a T-shirt printing machine to start this business. There are also many types of T-shirt printing machine like 15 inches And 16 X 20 inches Etc.This is the model of all machines.

2. Teflon Sheet:- You need a Teflon sheet to control the machine's temperature, your T-shirt is not damaged from Teflon seat.

3. Design Printing Machine:- You will have to buy a printer to print the design on T-shirt, which will print the printed design on your T-shirt.

4. 20MM Tape:- You will need an app to print on Tshirt, which will keep your design stable so that there is no touch in your design.

5. Raw Material:- To start this business, you will need to purchase items like T-shirts,  Sticker Paper, Printer Ink Etc. on the Wholesale Rate, from which you can start production.

Cost To Start This Business

My Opinion

Friends T-Shirt Printing Business Today is a Great Opportunity to Start Your Own Business and It costs very little to start the business. But this business has a very good profit and And this business can be done by everyone very easily.

Now you may have understood how you can How To start your own T-shirt printing business At Home and what things will be required for you.

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