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Ferruccio Lamborghini Story And Lamborghini Cars Success

Ferruccio Lamborghini Story And Lamborghini Cars Success: In today's article, I'm going to tell you about Ferruccio Lamborghini Story how he began making Lamborghini cars to take revenge from Ferrari. "lamborghini story".

Ferruccio Eliuo Arturo Lamborghini was born on 28 April 1916 under the zodiac sign of Taurus, his parents were farmers, but Ferruccio soon decided that he wanted to do something with the mechanic. He started working with interest on his father's tractor and later was able to attend a technical school in Bologna.

During World War II, he entered the Italian Air Force, working for the transport classes, after 1944, he became a prisoner of war in the British army, who inspired him to work in his motoring department. In this way, Ferruccio has the experience of having first experience with cars on the road, even with limited share supplies."lamborghini story"

After the war, he returned to his hometown and started to transform the old war surplus material into very essential tractors, the Lamborghini tractor business was inaugurated in a small garage, but the business was really successful and After that, soon to go to the big campus.

At the moment, again began to tune the freight cars; He actually built Fiat Topolin for himself and entered the 1948 Mil Milila contest, unfortunately wasted in a car accident. Firozio Lamborghini was able to start tractors from scratch until 1949, the Lamborghini Trattori factory was set up, without the use of any remaining, and the production soon went further. The Lamborghini tractor is best known in Italy and Ferrucos organized tractor-pulling in their hometown to show the superiority of their machines.
The tractor business made him a very wealthy man, and he started another factory building air conditioning and central heating equipment. This extra venture made Frescio Lamborghini more money and soon became one of the richest people in Italy, her love for fast cars made her brilliant, because Ferruccia has rebranded several exotic cars, a Mercedes SL300, Put a Jaguar and Ferrari with others."lamborghini story"

But in the problems with his personal Ferrari clutch and Ferruccio, he had a hand on the person who went to Enzo Ferrari to complain about him ... Enzo told him that the history refused to be told. Gone, but he did not stop Ferrecio from Lamborghini
They saw that the clutch imposed for this Ferrari was not separate from Lamborghini in their tractors, so they took Feroli to the Santow factory and established a Borg and Beck clutch directly from the list of parts of one, if the tractor model. Never returned.

Frescio Lamborghini saw that the business of tractor and oil burner was taking care of himself very well, without making an eye on the factory, he was making money, so he decided that it is time to start a new business. And the Gran Turismo car seemed like a good idea
Frescio Lamborghini did not know to be subtle, so in the early sixties he had created a completely new factory in an industrial area in Sant Agata, which was dedicated to creating the best GT cars of that time, he was highly interested in Did not see exticks back, a smooth running V12 GT was his vision."lamborghini story"

Unfortunately things took a turn for the worse, and after the collapse of several deals with the tractor factory in Italy, with financial unrest, Ferruccio decided to sell their interest in most of the companies during the seventies. Retired on his property near Perugia, further south in Italy, where he started making liquor ... which is called 'Miura's blood'.

Farrussia married Kalilea Monty at an early age, in 1947 his son Antonio Lamborghini, also called Tonino, died unfortunately after giving birth to Clelia. He was buried in the family grave and later married again by Ferrucus, this time with Anita Borgati ... but this second marriage did not end either, Ferruccio divorced and married for the third time ... Maria- Teresa Cain became the mother of Ferruccio's daughter Patrizia, her son, Tonino, went to Japan and started a few shops selling designer clothes under the name Lamborghini."lamborghini story"

La Fortita, a major property of Ferruccio, near Lake Tracimeno, has now organized a state of the art wine making facility that produces more than 800,000 bottles per year. In the property there were also a small private museum of Lamborghini cars owned by those days, that the vineyard and golf area were open to visitors, although only by appointment
In this private car museum you will find Ferracio's favorite Lamborghini model Miura, yet it was talked about Paolo Stanzani's involvement in taking Ferrozio to the Bugatti Automobile Spa Factory, but it was never officially confirmed.

When Chrysler acquired Automobile Lamborghini Spa, he changed the countte, a car Ferruccio was still involved in the beginning, with the modern Diablo in the early nineties, it will become the last raging bull car that he has ever experienced Will ... Frescio Lamborghini died February 20, 1993 in Perugia, Italy ... only two months before his 77th birthday

Tonyino Lamborghini paid tribute to his father some years later, he contacted the architect Diori in Emol, in which a type of 'arch' was created so that all things could be about Sig. Ferrecio Lamborghini had ever achieved during his life,"lamborghini story"

The museum was built on the basis of Lamborghini Kalor, in Dosso de Ferrara, the official grand opening was on May 13, 1995. This project was named Santro Polyfinzionel Ferrassio Lamborghini and this popularity was very popular for opening its doors for people this time. All the trips were done only by appointment, but still during 1997, more than 4000 pilgrims had come to visit this spectacular space-like museum. If you ever get a chance to see it, then definitely it is not worth it, I was able to see it during the summer of 1998 and it was heavy."lamborghini story"

Today, a huge collection of the main industrial achievements of Ferrecio Lemborini, in which there are some of the most stunning cars made in tractors and Sant Agata, Fanoo Ferrecio is also featured in Lamborghini in Fanoo de Argleto.

Tonino Lamborghini named his son Ferrusio Jr. in honor of his father ... so that if the name of Lamborghini does not survive the desert Bull cars, then it would be her grandson ...

This article ends at this, I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Ferruccio Lamborghini Story And Lamborghini Cars Success.

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