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Facebook Ceo Mark Zuckerberg Biography and Facebook Success Story

Facebook Ceo Mark Zuckerberg Biography and Facebook Success Story : Today I'm going to tell you the biography of Mark Zuckerberg, due to which you will be inspire in a little bit of your life and will solve many of your problems by reading their biography. mark zuckerberg biography.

mark zuckerberg biography


Introduction of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg was born on May 14, 1984 at the Dabs Ferry in New York City, USA. Marc Zuckerberg's full name is Marc Elliott Zuckerberg, but people love him as Mark. Mark's father's name is Edward Zuckerberg and mother's name is Karen Kemper. Mark's father Edward Zuckerberg is a Dentist and Mata Karen is a Psychiatrist. Mark was the only son of his parents, and the other three are Randy, Donna and Ariel. Before telling about Mark's childhood, we would like to tell you in detail about his family.

Mark's grandfather Jack Zuckerberg was a postman whose life was spent in a lot of conflicts. Marc's grandmother Mary had put Mark's father in difficult times. Jack always used to do something to keep his family happy. At that time his income was very low, he was also fond of electronic equipment. One day he came with a color TV in his house, which used to be a big deal for that time. Mark's father, Edward, jumped happily at that time and used to watch TV for several hours.

Now Edward grew up and studied with other activities as well. Edward was very knowledgeable in mathematics and science since childhood and wanted to study computer science after high school, but IT was not so popular at the time. Because of this, his father wanted to make Jack a Dentist. To make his son a Dentist, he enrolled Edward in 1975 at Buklin College, New York from where Edward graduated in Life Sciences. After this he enrolled in New York University of Dentistry for higher education, where he studied the Dentist.

Edward met Karen Kampper in the same college and married only after some interviews. Edward completed the studies of the Dentist in 1978 and opened the clinic in Brooklyn. Now in 1982, his first child, Randy Zuckerberg, was born, which caused a lot of happiness in his home. Two years later, Mark Zuckerberg was born in 1984 and three years later Donna was born. In this way they became a full family. Edward started to feel his house, he built a new house in Dobbs Ferry. After that he also took his own clinic.

Early Life of Mark Zuckerberg

Mark was very talented since childhood. From his childhood he used to help him in his father's clinic, which made friendship with his patients. Father Edward also taught them new techniques so that he was connected to technology. In 1981, Edward bought his first computer whose model was named Atari-800, until Mark was born. At that time, being a computer used to be a matter of surprise and people used to see Edward's computer too. In that he also had the facility of internet, whose speed was very low at that time.

Mark was enrolled in Ardsley Middle School in 1995, which was five km away from Dobbs Berre. Mark was in the fifth grade at that time, who had studied as well as computer knowledge. After studying in that school for three years, after passing the eighth grade in 1999, he enrolled in high school. After that, graduate examination took place from Phillip Axeter Academy, where his knowledge of computer had increased considerably. It was a private university where Mark did a great job and Mark's teacher used to admirate them.

Mark's attachment with Computer

Along with primary education, Mark also took computer education from his father, who taught him basic program, due to which Mark had started programming from the days of the school. Mark's father had now felt that he could not do it himself, he would be able to do his son. When Mark was 10 years old, Mark had brought him a pc and taught him basic program Atari. Now his father, seeing the growing interest of Mark, sent him a book of C ++, to which he himself made many computer programs. Now the father kept a private tutor named David Newman, who was a software developer, to refine Mark's talent.

David himself was stunned to see Mark's talent, that the urge to learn at such a young age was very high. In 1996, at the age of just 12, Mark created a software called Inter Communication Program for his father's hospital, named Juknet. Based on this technique a messenger named AOL was created. In High School, Mark made Synapse Media Player that used to store songs. In the 12th class, Mark, along with his friend Angelo, made an online MP3 software, for which Microsoft offered $ 9.5 million and talked about jobs, but due to studies, he rejected the proposal.


Mark passed Harvard University in 2002, passing 12th pass from Phillips Exeter Academy. In the first year, he got a name in college and started calling Mark as Computer Program Developer. Mark lived here with his companion kris hujes in the Hostel. While staying on this, Mark came to know about social networking site and had a desire to do something new in his mind. Marc inspired the social website like Facemash and Coursemash to create thefacebook.com, which he did live on February 4, 2004. Now Mark asked his colleagues to join it, which added 6,000 users from thefacebook.com in just 20 days.

Controversy on thefacebook.com

Now Mark's face on thefacebook.com has found that Unhoney has stolen this idea from his friends. This was the opinion of India's Divine Narrands and the Winklaws Brothers that this idea was theirs. Divya Narender had said that Marc hijacked his project with cleverness and registered with TheFacebook.com. Divya Narendra won the verdict in court, and Mark gave him 650 million dollars as damages. Yet the demand for damages at the cost of the divine market was re-tried, but this time the Divine was defeated. The dispute took four years, but it was settled later.

Mark Zuckerberg Mark's associate Sean Parker suggested to change TheFacebook.com to Facebook and in 2005 this important change was implemented so that the people could easily remember the small name. Mark bought this domain for US $ 2 million. After this there was a gradual change in Facebook and the current form of Facebook was created. The movie, The Social Network, is also made on the life of Mark Zuckerberg.

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