Monday, 4 September 2017

How to Create Pages in Blogger

How to Create Pages in Blogger: Friends, I'm going to tell you today how can you create pages within your blogger, first of all, you have to know why we should create pages. (Article Title :- How to Create Pages in Blogger.) 

Why Create Pages In Blogger

1. Looks Professional Blog: - Friends, you have seen many such websites that appear to be a professional website from the menu bar. If you want to create a professional blog then you should add the menu bar in your Blogger

2. Adsense Approval: - If you need Adsense approval for your blogger from which you can start earning from your blogger, you have to make pages about you, about the privacy policy, disclaimer and Contact us.

3. One Blog many Categories: - Friends, if you want to divide your blog into multiple categories, then you can divide the category by creating pages.

Article Title :-  How to Create Pages in Blogger

How to Create Pages In Blogger

1. Go to pages

2. New post

3. Write page title and content

4. You choose your content is simple and HTML

5. Click Publish


6. After creating your page go to layout.

7. Click add gadget


8. Choose pages.

9. Tick check signs your page and save.

10. Click save arrangement.

11. After complete all steps, your page is shown in your blog's menu bar.

Done !

Article Title :-  How to Create Pages in Blogger

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