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Get SSL Certificate For Free And What Is SSL Certification

 Get Free SSL Certificate And What Is SSL Certification

Friends, if you have a website or you are thinking of blogging, you must have heard about SSL certificate, first of all, we have to know what the SSL certificate is and why it is important for our website.

What is SSL Certification?

SSL Certidication is a proof that people know if the website that they are visiting is secure or not

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Why SSL Certificate Important for Website

Friends, SSL Certification is imported to a website because everybody who visits your website or your regular visitor should have a trust that the website they are visiting is secure or not many such websites on the internet That sends viruses to people's phones or computers through your website, if you have an SSL Certidication, then it is proved that you do not Program are not and Inportent be SSL Certidication to your website absolutely secure is why website

Article Title :- Get SSL Certificate For Free And What Is SSL Certification

Benefits of SSL Certification

1. Trust: - Anyone visiting your website whether the website is secure or not, if the website is not secure, then many leave the website only

2. Better Search Engine Ranking: - Many search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask search engine SSL Certification website are highly publicized in the search rankings.

3. Goog Adsense Impression: - If you have SSL Certification and you want to monitize your website from Google AdSense, then you have a good chances to take Google Adsense approval because the HTTPS website puts a good impression. Monitize the website To make

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Article Title :-  Get SSL Certificate For Free And What Is SSL Certification

How To Get SSL Certification

There are two methods to get SSL certification: - 
1.Paid Method: - Many companies and websites charge some money for SSL Certification which is $ 10 to $ 50, the name of the website is: -,

2.Free Method: - Many websites also provide SSL certificates for your website for free and the name of those websites is: -,

I will tell you in this article how you can get SSL certification free

Article Title :- Get SSL Certificate For Free And What Is SSL Certification

How To Get SSL Cetification For Free

1. Open this website in your browser -

2. Click Sign Up and fill your information.

3. After making your account You will go to login

4. Click Add Site

5. Paste Your Website URL and Click Begin Scan

6. Click Continue Setup

7. Click All DNS and HTTP Proxy and Click Continue

8. Choose Free Website And Click Continue

9. Change Your Nameserver

10. You Will Go To Your Domain Account And Click

12. Change Your Nameserver, Copy Cloudflare Nameserver and Paste in Domain Account Nameserver and Save Your Settings

13. Click Continue In CloudFlare

14. Click Crypto and Change SSL Setting You Choose Flexible

15. Scroll Down Crypto Page and Last Option is Automatic HTTPS Rewriter Enable (On) this option.

16. Go to Overview and Recheck Nameserver and You See your Status is Active

After 24 Hours your website is converted into HTTPS website.

Done !

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