Thursday, 31 August 2017

Wordpress ! What Is Wordpress ? All About Wordpress.

What is Wordpress

Wordpress is a platform that lets you customize your website or make your own website without the knowledge of any HTML and Coding Languages.

Why Choose Wordpress


There are many reasons to choose Wordpress
1. Customers can own the website without any HTML or coding language information.
2. Wordpress is a very easy software for everyone to use their website, children, or Uneducated people, anyone can use it very easily
3. Wordpress has many types of features that you can use to build your website very easily.

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Cost Of Wordpress

First of all, let me first clear you that Wordpress is not a paid software but still you have to pay for Wordpress because the company from which you take your web hosting charges the Wordpress software from you Hosting providers make their hosting costly because Wordpress is charging money from the hosting company, which gives them this software to the people.

Article Title : Wordpress !  What Is Wordpress ? All About Wordpress.

Pros And Cons Of Wordpress

1. Easy to use
2. Not any HTML and coding knowledge
3.Many Plugins and Features
4. Very Customizable
5. Many Themes (Blog, E-Commerce, Coupon Website, Etc.)


1. Paid Software
2. Not a Complete Secure

Article Title: Wordpress !  What Is Wordpress ? All About Wordpress.

My Suggestions

Friends, I advertise you that if you can not afford the expense, then you should take a hosting from Blogger by booking a custom domain. Blogger is also a good platform that wants to make money from blogging, however many like Wordpress in the market There are several platforms you can use just like Wordpress like Joomla, Weebly, Wix Etc. This will also give you a great experience, but in the blogging industry, large bloggers use Wordpress so that 38% of the internet's 30 million websites are made on Wordpress.

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So friends will know you now what about Wordpress and how to have a useful software for Wordpress and a blogger.

This article ends up here, I hope you have been satisfied with reading this article.

Article Title : Wordpress !  What Is Wordpress ? All About Wordpress.

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