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What Is Keyword Planner Tool And How To use , How It Works ?

You have started a blog or a website and you know what you have to write about, but you are unable to understand this topic very quickly?

I caught the right

With all these troubles nowadays, all new bloggers are struggling. One of the best and easiest solutions to this problem is Google Keyword Planner. Do you know about Google Keyword Planner? If not, this post is special for you.

What is Google Keyword Planner?

Google Keyword Planner is a tool that lets you easily find keywords related to any topic.

You can not search for keywords only, but the number of searches for the keyword searched for the entire month, but you should know that this tool was created keeping in mind AdWords Adwords. This tool has bidding features that do not understand.

You must create your own account before using Google's Keyword Planner

Suggested : What Is Keyword Planner Tool And How To use , How It Works

How do I create an account in Google Keyword Planner?

If you already have one, you must have a Google AdWords account to use Google's Keyword Planner, you can easily find Keyword Planner in the account.

Google's Keyword Planner will be opened in Google's address bar and this page will open in front of you.

1. This page will open when you click on the top link.

2. Now, click on the "Start" option below.

3. There will be two options on the right hand, one sign up and one account. This page will open when you click Create an account

4. Enter the email address in the first box and enter your website's URL in the second. The URL will be something like this {}. Then click Yes and click on the number of your account

How are you searching keywords with Google Keyword Planner?

1. You can now log in to Google AdWords account. After this, click on the options in the tool given above, you will see the option of Keyword Planner. Click on that option

2. Then a page will open something where there will be some options.

3. Click the Top and Type Keywords (New keyword, phrase, website or category search), suppose you want to know the keywords of yoga.

4. Do not write "yoga" at the top, but write some small lines related to yoga {long tail keywords}. what is yoga? What are the benefits of yoga? I am saying this because if I just write Yoga, Yoga's most competitive keyword will come in the list, which would be very difficult on Google's first page.

5. Then enter your website's URL in the next {your landing page}, though this option is for AdWords users, you can get very good keywords by entering a link on your site.

6. The next option is {your product category}. This allows you to find keywords without which you can skip it without typing in the keyword category, such as Yoga Health Category

7. After filling all three options in the target audience's turn-out targeting option, you must first write the name of the country you are targeting like India or America or China or Australia.

If you are targeting the entire world then leave it blank. In other options, write languages like Hindi or English or Bengali or Marathi etc. If you are targeting China then type Chinese in the language. The next "Negative keyword" option is for AdWords lovers, leave it blank

8. Find out to take time between time limits. As I want to know the discovery of yoga from 2015-2016, I will not fight with that option, but in February 2015, in a month I will write in February 2015 and will be known for a few months from February 2015 to December 2015. Show us some special time searches

9. Now come to customize your search. With this option, you can stop those keywords from being included in those lists which you do not want, such keywords, whose search is 1000 or 2000 months. You can click to write for the first time that you can at least Looking for keywords

10. How much do you want CPC or bid in the suggested bid, they write like $ 5 or $ 10 $

11. Ad impression share is for those who use AdWords

12. Keyword Options: If you want to find some more keywords that are too far or related topics, then use it according to me, as you leave it.

13. To include this option, the keyword must type all words in each word, as if I need yoga in every word.

14. Discover search volume data and trends - The advantage of this option is given when you already have a list of some keywords and you want to know the month's search for those keywords, just enter it into the keyword box and Click

15. Multiply keyword lists to get new keyword ideas - In this, Google Keyword Planner adds several keywords. Although these keywords are mostly something weird sometimes some good keywords are found.

If you are creating an "e-commerce" website then it's useful for you, the product of the keyword list

If you are creating an "e-commerce" website, by clicking on the product of the lists of keywords, to get ideas for the new keyword, two boxes will open, you will enter keywords and enter some keywords related to the other. Like the first yoga, click on the name of Gore's work and the name of the other name, "Click on the search volume" then a page will open something like this.

16. Now you have to show two lists, an "ad group idea" and other "keyword ideas". Most people focus only on "keyword ideas" and leave "ad group idea" but you do not repeat this mistake. By clicking on the ideas of the keyword, you can see the page where the keyword is searching for search.

In the keyword (relevance), you can search keywords related to your keywords such as Total, Obese, and so on. Average. In monthly searches, you search for searches for months, but remember that this does not look right, it's like some limitations from 2000-5000.
Competition describes this option as to how many advertiser advertisers are bidding on this keyword
In the suggested dialect, you will know that you can earn as much money as you can

Suggested : What Is Keyword Planner Tool And How To use , How It Works

You know what to write in every option

You can get keywords by clicking on the ideas of the keyword, but consider the idea of the ad group at once, click the idea of the ad group, where you find some good ideas and keywords related to the keywords given below. Relevance is such good keywords that do not meet keyword ideas

Now you can think which keywords will also be selected?

Look at the first keyword, which has a lot of monthly search but it is also important to know that it is not easy to take that keyword on the first page. You can find it with other tools such as Semir or KW Finder

You know that Google's Keyword Planner will tell you about the search twice, but it is also very useful. You can right-click on something else you want to know and click on it and select "Add to plan".

Then click on "Review Plan" on the right and you can get advertiser bids for most of your ads. This will be another option, click on "Impressions" and multiple 30 searches, you get the same heat

After reading these posts just have to write a post on that keyword.

Hopefully, you want to use Google's Keyword Planner.

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