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Nikola Tesla Biography Early Life

Nikola Tesla Biography Early Life

Today I'm going to tell you about such a person due to which we are able to use electronic items today. The person's name is Nikola Tesla. Today we will know about Nikola Tesla (Nikola Tesla Biography Early Life) .

Friends, if there was no Electricity then how would it be? Life without electricity in the present age seems impossible, because in our daily life we ​​do all the work by using electricity. But today, there was no name of electricity about 150 years ago and it was necessary to take life through lanterns and torches. Then a scientist showed such a wonderful thing for which the person is still indebted to him. Nikola Tesla discovered power and brought a revolution in the scientific era. Let's do the same great scientist Nikola Tesla today with the biography of Nicola Tesla.

Nicola Tesla was a Siberian-American inventor, physicist, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, and futurist. Nikola Tesla was born on July 10, 1856 in Smolyan, Croatia. Inspiring to discover electricity Nikola met her mother, Dijuca Mendis, who had made many small tools in her spare time in the house. Nikola Tesla Nicola's father Miluetine Tesla was a pastor.

Nikola Tesla Nikola Education's Real-school Karlstad Political Institute was in Graz, Austria and Prague University, since then they started preparing to go to the United States. In 1884, Nikola came to the US and began working with the famous inventor and businessman Thomas Edison. But it lasted for a short time and was separated from the two sides due to the very opposite. Edison used to focus on the Junk market and financial success, Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla used to focus more on invention than money.

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Nikola made some extraordinary historical discoveries during this period, which included "Tesla Coil" 1891 and Alternative Current Electrical System for Generator, Transformer and Motors, which are still used in Dhadle. Tesla had only 40 basic patents of the AC Electrical System, which he later sold to American engineer and businessman George Weissing House, who wanted to supply Tesla AC system to the country.

Nikola Tesla Biography Early Life

 Article Title :- Nikola Tesla Biography Early Life

But during this time there was a dispute between Nikola Tesla and Edison because Edison wanted to sell the DC system to the country. But the dispute was won by Nikola Tesla Tesla, because her system was based on Superior Technology, which was more beneficial to both the US and the rest of the world than Edison's DC system.

The Chicago World Colombian Exposition was organized in 1893, in which Nikola Tesla Tesla demonstrated its AC system and soon became the 20th Century Standard Power System and continues to this day. Two years later in 1895, Tesla established the first Hydroelectric Power Plant in Niagata, the world saw its extraordinary work with great astonishment.

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In the year 1900, Tesla started working on his most courageous project so far: a world communication system - to exchange information through a high power tower and to provide free electricity to the world. However, in the absence of money, his project could never be superseded and left.
Apart from this, Nikola Tesla has also invented many useful inventions, most of which are officially patented by the name of another inventor such as dynamo, induction motor, radar technology, X-ray technology, rotating magnetic field etc. In New York, Nikola Tesla spent 60 important years of life and at this age 86 years of age, on 7 January 1943, his eyes were blinded by poverty and solitude. His will still keeps him alive all over the world and the last man will be eternal.

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