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How to make money on blogger with adsense

Today article topic is How to make money on blogger with Adsense :

How to make money on blogger with adsense

1.Consider a free blogging service. Many people opt to create a free blog using popular services like or Google Blogger. This is a good option for those who are not familiar with web design, do not want to pay for their own hosting or enjoy the ease and stability that come with these services. The limitations of these services are how you can earn money by them, however, so make sure that your blog does not break the Terms of Service supports limited advertising, PayPal links and limited affiliate links. The website will not host the blog, which will not include sites for third party advertising services, banner ads, affiliate links, or rich quick schemes, gambling, pornography, multi-level marketing, or "irreversible traders".
Google Blogger supports advertising via Google AdSense, PayPal Link and limited affiliate links. If you use excessive affiliate links, failing to add relevant content while adding affiliate links or paying someone to increase their search engine ranking, your blog is transmitted very little to Google search ranking. Viewers must have significantly reduced the traffic
If you are not familiar with these terms, they are described under the monetization of your blog.

How to make money on blogger with adsense

2.Consider hosting your blog If you buy your own domain name, you have to pay a hosting service monthly or annual fee to keep your website available. For more control and analysis about how to earn your blog, there is more customizable and more direct access to profitability traffic.
Choose an easy-to-remember domain name and use your name (.com) if you are an author or another public person. [13]
Confusingly, is familiar with, which allows you to use WordPress software on your own, self-hosted blog, which is a free blog hosting service above on your site.

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How to make money on blogger with adsense

3.Create and customize your blog. If you are using free service, then you should have a tutorial for the forum so that you can ask questions from the initial stages of setting up your blog. If you are hosting your site, you will need someone with a web design experience to customize your blog, or you can use software like to provide the same infrastructure To use. Can be used. Can be watched
Most of these blog hosting services come with payment upgrades which allow for more customization and other benefits. Unless your blog is successful, try placing it on the free version

How to make money on blogger with adsense
4.Write your original articles and blogs Come with your own topics for each blog post, and posting yourself instead of touching or copying someone else's work Readers come to your blog if they enjoy your writing style and the subject Like, they can easily find elsewhere, not to read the re-reading material
You can get readers by not posting the previously available content, such as the obscure or scanned books of the pre-20th century and artwork, yet you should add your content around this material, though
How to make money on blogger with adsense

5.Make the most updates, if you stabilize the blog, it does not make any difference to try to post any technique to monetize your blog.
Once a week, on the subject that you have not fitted before the main subject of your blog

How to make money on blogger with adsense

6.Churning keywords for each blog post are important words related to the subject of your blog, and especially when you post, every time you post, find new sub-topics covered by you. , They will increase the visibility of your blog, attract more readers, and show the ads about which they click
To estimate how many advertisers are paying for the keyword, you can use the Google Keyword Research Tool.

7.Include keywords in important locations, include them in your blog post title, add a new "header", a few sentences of your post, and links to a new section. Change your settings so that each blog post has the title of the post in the URL, not the date posted. Try to make as descriptive as possible to increase your ranking in search results and attract the right audience.
The words displayed in the images are not counted as keywords
If your blog software has a "tagging" function to add keywords to each post, use it as often as possible
Instead of posting your blog instead of blog software instead of posting your blog, pay special attention to the <title> tag.

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How to make money on blogger with adsense
8.Link your articles to social media and blog directories Get traffic to your site with frequent updates on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites Find out the blogging communities that match your readers and their comments or related forums Links to articles. This helps in getting traffic to your site and simultaneously increases your search engine ranking.

How to make money on blogger with adsense

9.Follow others blog and ask other bloggers about cross linking. Contact other bloggers on social media and blogging sites, and help to advertise each other's articles while overlapping this topic with your two visitors Many bloggers are happy to post a link on Twitter, even if they Do not be interested in advertising your blog yourself
If you are using a free hosting service, excessive croquetting can be penalized. Sometimes link to other blog posts, when they are relevant to your audience rather than your blog, more general links should be shared with your fans through social media

How to make money on blogger with adsense

10.If necessary, bring your blog to market through Paid advertising; If you are serious about achieving the time and money of investors, you can create your own ad for Facebook, tap your blog, or add Google Adsense can become an advertiser for any other advertising service.

11.Use relevant advertising When your blog contains high-quality content and starts attracting viewers, you can earn money using Google Adsense, WordAds, or any other relevant advertising service. It automatically generates ads in the amount, size and placement that matches the topics you specify on selected ads. The more readers click on the ads shown on your site, the advertiser will pay you.
Keep in mind that many blog hosting services allow only their proprietary contextual advertising service, and if you use someone not created by the host company, you can close your blog if you are hosting your blog, Then you should search for related advertising services and show the right ad. Some people may not be obscenity or other ads that may not be suitable for your blog
Keywords are particularly important when using third party advertising services because the ad is selected based on the keyword you are using. Incorrect or inadequate keywords will result in ads that do not match your readers' interests.
If you are facing any issue in the approval of Google Adsense, you can use some Google Adsense options Medianet, Buy SALA, Blog Aids, Chitika, Infolinks etc. to make money from your blog.

12.Select affiliate products, which will buy your readers. It seems obvious, but it is thinking about it if you write a cooking blog, then professional kitchen does not recommend expensive equipment, household kitchen appliances. Think of whoever is a fan of your topic, buy it, not only the active doctor

13. Be honest and content rich while engaging with colleagues, write your content and recommend products that you have actually used and enjoyed honest reviews, flaws, such as you were recommending the product to a friend if you Really do not like any products, do not mention it or link it with
Including links to the product within the images or text in the middle of your blog post is a great way for people to pay attention to the links.
If you are using Google Blogger, then explore their policies or threats of being invisible to your search engines. Any <a> tag containing an affiliate link will contain ads that prevent your referral by increasing the visibility of search engine's search engine: <a rel="no follow">

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